while experiencing the extreme beauty of Australia

Are you over back to back zoom meetings?

Join Stratshops and
Aurora Adventures
on a ‘Business Reboot Mission’.

We offer an indoor/outdoor experience fully focussed on the needs of your team and your business. We begin with a free consultation to fully understand exactly what it is you and your business needs to achieve this year. Then we design an appropriate outdoor adventure, coupled with a facilitated indoor workshop to clarify and communicate business priorities with your team. Thirdly, we inject play and entertainment into the process to ensure that we bring laughter, a sense of excitement and accomplishment into the mix. We believe in creating an environment where people are challenged safely, and encouraged to think creatively to discuss new ideas to reboot your business. It’s a lot of fun!


• Boosts the morale of the employees
• Higher productivity levels
• Promotes team bonding
• Develops leadership skills
• Identifies strengths and weaknesses
• Retains loyal employees
• Clarifies the objectives of the business
• Improves creativity and problem-solving abilities
• Strengthens employee communication
• Makes work seem less like work
• Establishes trust in others
• Makes your employees feel appreciated
• Helps establish your company culture

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

A relaxed and informal assessment of your needs is the first step and obligation free.