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Business Health Check

Business Health Check

Think of it as a health check where are you at, where are you going, where do you want to get to, are you in good enough shape to get there, what do we need to do?

Re-evaluate and Reset

Re-evaluate and Reset

Things have changed, internally and externally. It’s time to regroup, rethink and reorganise to take advantage of new opportunities.

A Plan to Succeed

A Plan to Succeed

Most organisations, whether they be a corporation, an SME, a not-for-profit, or a government agency, need a plan if they are to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

Planning Workshops
Leadership Series
Sales Series
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We will work closely with you to design and deliver tailored programs.
Together we will develop energised people with clear plans focused on your future success.

What our Clients Say

Diana and Andrea are doing great work assisting people to step outside their business for a time to allow them to think bigger picture. They are also facilitating an opening of internal and external conversations for business owners and managers which allows us to actively find our own solutions while setting actionable and achievable goals to grow. Our Stratshops session remains for me such a positive and thought provoking experience which has led to tangible and measurable change for Aurora in so many ways.- Mary Smith - Managing Director - Aurora
We have achieved double digit growth the last few years, but this had started to slow. We realised that we needed to take out business to a more professional level and formulate a clear plan that was easily understood and had the buy in of the whole team. They worked with our leadership team to agree priorities and responsibilities which we really appreciated as it got us all on the same page and focused all of us on our individual and team efforts. Our expectations were that we would formulate a clear plan, with clear goals. The outcome we got was an extremely enthusiastic team that are seeing 10-20 new builders a week. We will certainly use Stratshops again and recommend Stratshops to others looking for external facilitators able to understand the needs of a successful family owned business.- David and Tiffany Comerford - Access Insulation