Your Sales Series

The Stratshops Sales Program is ideal for sales teams wanting to be above-average performers in their industry.

Learn Proven Systems & Practise New Skills


The Ideal Salesperson

pursues personal and professional development, recognises own strengths and weaknesses, builds confidence in self and others, sets achievable goals, understands the importance of emotions, creates values based systems, plans to succeed.


The Prepared Salesperson

prospects for new business continually, creates and works a prospecting plan, explores ways and means to acquire appropriate leads, designs impactful marketing collateral, qualifies leads, prepares their approach, sets call objectives.


The Engaged Salesperson

communicates effectively, creates favourable first impressions, uses non-threatening questioning skills, listens actively, empathises appropriately, understands client needs and objectives, matches and explains relevant features and benefits, adds value, upsells, cross sells.


The Committed Salesperson

overcomes objections, welcomes input, understands client motivation, handles situations with sensitivity, practises the proven processes, learns patience, uncovers the real need, continues the conversation.


The Collaborative Salesperson

negotiates carefully, assesses and ranks the tradeables of both parties, understands the importance of body language, practises courteous persistence, knows when to move, prefers win/win outcomes, adapts negotiating style, reaches agreement.


The Successful Salesperson

closes the sale, confidently asks for the business, expresses gratitude for the opportunity, creates the partnership, commits to a follow-up plan, explains the next step, requests referrals, celebrates success.

A relaxed and informal assessment of your needs is the first step and obligation free