The Leadership Series comprises six modules
which can be delivered sequentially or as stand-alone programs


The Future Leader

will be future focused, self-aware, adaptable, supportive, able to identify and harness strengths in others and respectful of diversity and inclusion issues. They will collaborate effectively and manage a rapidly changing environment while achieving the business results required.


The Authentic Leader

understands the science of emotions and uses empathy to lead and inspire. Managing both head and heart the Authentic Leader deals constructively with setbacks in the workplace by listening and empowering others to make considered decisions.


The Collaborative Leader

is a team player who leads by example and is highly respected for all the right reasons. The Collaborative Leader consults, listens, decides and motivates while taking others on a journey to success and reward.


The Engaged Leader

communicates effectively with all stakeholders on all levels. The Engaged Leader is a focused communicator who understands the value of language and uses it to ensure others are fully informed and well equipped to achieve.


The Courageous Leader

does not shy away from the challenging conversations or the tough decisions. The Courageous Leader creates a positive workplace culture and builds trust through consistent modelling of the organisation’s agreed values and behaviours.


The Innovative Leader

understands that change is constant and new thinking is required. The Innovative Leader manages the disruption caused by change while encouraging and supporting the new ideas that will take your organisation forward.

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