Strategic Planning Workshops

Good strategy creates value for customers and captures value for an organisation and its stakeholders.
We are expert, results-orientated workshop creators and facilitators. Our team has worked with Board and Executive Teams on a wide range of strategic issues.

 1. Clarifying Purpose

What is the vision, how are we going to get there (mission), and what are our non negotiable values?
Have we communicated this clearly, do we have buy-in at all levels of the organisation, what do we need to do about that?

2. SWOT Update

When did we last discuss the internal strengths and weaknesses of our organisation, have they changed, do they need to?
In the context of today’s environment, what are the external opportunities and threats here and looming, are we resourced and ready to succeed in this environment, what do we need to do about that?

3. Stakeholder Analysis

When did we last consider the power and influence of our various stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, boards, media, competitors, etc – and how effectively have we been engaged with them in order to optimise their contribution to the organisation while considering their needs? How can we do this better?

4. Strategic Priorities

Let’s consider all of the organisational outcomes that we hope to achieve in the short, medium and longer term.
What are the ‘must do’ items that will need our full focus, commitment and appropriate resourcing?
What do we need to do to ensure that these priorities are achieved above all else?

5. Implementation Plan

Agreed actions and timelines to achieve multiple goals managed by various team leaders will ensure that the team stay on track and the startegic priorities are achieved. Let’s consider the possible roadblocks that may appear and the necessary solutions we may need to consider to keep projects on track.

6. Individual Contributions

Working together as a team to produce results requires individual commitment from all team members with personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.
How well do we know the people we are going to depend on and what tolerance and acceptance issues do we need to resolve to move forward?
A relaxed and informal assessment of your needs is the first step and obligation free